Cellular IoT: How 5G Differs From LTE

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5G extends its scope beyond consumer to many new vertical and enterprise markets. Thanks to its flexibility and improved performance, 5G opens the door to many industrial applications. When researchers and engineers began developing 5G in 2012, they began to look at use cases. The primary motivation for launching a new generation of wireless technology

New qastle Smart Alarm Controller for Home Security is Connected by Sequans Monarch Go Cellular IoT Solution

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Monarch Go lives up to its promises and made connecting the qastle Smart Alarm to the cellular network entirely simple and fast Sequans Communications and startup qastle have LTE-enabled qastle’s new Smart Alarm™ Controller, which allows a DIY homeowner to upgrade their wired alarm system to a smart wired alarm system—using all their existing wired

From Module to Antenna: Cellular IoT Connectivity Made Easy

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Upcoming Webinar: November 10, 2021 | Presented by Sequans and Ignion Overview Cellular connectivity, unlike other connectivity technologies, has a larger barrier to adoption in IoT devices. One major challenge at the start of any IoT project is the hardware design - and notably the choice of the connectivity module and the antenna. Making

Distance Learning Via CBRS Private Networks is Here to Stay

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from Sequans In the post pandemic era, CBRS private networks used for distance learning will continue to proliferate as the number of available and affordable CBRS devices grows. The government’s Emergency Connectivity Fund, established to improve connectivity in underserved areas, presents a new opportunity for school districts to set up CBRS private networks and

Skyworks SKY66430-11: 5G Massive IoT System-in-Package

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World’s Smallest 5G Massive IoT Solution The SKY66430-11 is a multi-band multi-chip System-in-Package (SiP) supporting 5G Massive IoT (LTE-M/NB-IoT) platforms. The SiP integrates Skyworks’ LTE universal, multi-band RF front-end module, SKY68020, with Sequans’ Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT Platform, power management, memory, and baseband modem for an LTE multi-band radio operating in the 698 to 2200 MHz frequency

On-demand Webinar: How Cellular System-in-Package (SiP) connectivity Solutions Enable Massive IoT Product Launches

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Now available to view on-demand Overview Cellular connectivity, unlike other connectivity technologies, has a larger barrier to adoption in IoT devices. Besides the hardware design and software development, carrier and regulatory certification needs to be completed. The industry has gravitated to utilizing "Massive IoT" technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT, which offer the promise of

Successful Healthcare IoT Requires Cellular Connectivity

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Among the many things we’ve learned during the era of Covid-19 is the importance of efficient, reliable, and always available healthcare services. The urgency of the pandemic has not only spurred innovation and progress but has shined a bright light on the promise of healthcare IoT as our society and world look for ways to

Sequans Monarch GM01Q Module LTE Category M1 Evaluation Kit

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This evaluation kit enables out-of-the-box testing of Sequans’ Monarch GM01Q module on an LTE Cat M1 network. The EVK supports integration of the module with a host platform via a Mini USB and enables customers to demonstrate and evaluate the features and performance of Sequans’ GM01Q module. Evaluation kit contents: GM01Q EVK One antenna

Sequans’ Monarch Module Supported by Orange LTE-M Connectivity Now Available

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Delivered with Orange data plan for rapid and simplified deployment Sequans Communications has introduced an LTE IoT module that offers device makers a quick and easy solution for connecting their IoT devices to the Orange LTE-M Network. The Monarch GMS01Q module, a third-generation module from the Orange Live Booster program, is based on Sequans’

Sequans launches an IoT Kit that covers all cellular IoT with embedded Virtual Antenna™

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Sequans NEKTAR-B Evaluation Kit covers all the cellular IoT worldwide bands by embedding the TRIO mXTEND™ antenna component Fractus Antennas has announced that Sequans Communications has launched the NEKTAR-B Evaluation Kit. NEKTAR-B is a prototyping platform to enable worldwide IoT cellular connectivity. The new NEKTAR-B covers all the cellular IoT worldwide bands by embedding the

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