Saving Time and Money with an Edge to Cloud Solution like Sierra Wireless Octave™

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Sierra Wireless Infographic DC Research, a leading market research company, concluded that using Sierra Wireless Octave can reduce total lifetime product costs up to 24% and shave months off time-to-market. Download this infographic to learn more. DOWNLOAD NOW

Sierra Wireless eBook: 5G Unlocking the Potential of Telemedicine With the IoT

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The future of connected healthcare Healthcare systems around the world are under pressure. As populations age there is greater demand than ever, whilst governments are struggling to fund their commitments. The Internet of Things offers an unprecedented opportunity to increase efficiency and improve outcomes, especially with the growth of 5G networks. From remote monitoring to

Discover the Benefits of Cellular LPWA Over Proprietary Protocols

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Sierra Wireless White Paper Low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology is a powerful IoT technology that has gained global acceptance. Sierra Wireless began talking about this concept in 2015 and launched our first module in 2017. It connects IoT devices that need long battery life and low maintenance, while offering fast data rates.Many companies will find LPWA’s

Sierra Wireless Connectivity Services

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Connectivity Services to Simplify your IoT Journey Whether your machines or other assets are globally dispersed or regional, Sierra Wireless offers two connectivity options to simplify how you connect and manage your deployments. Sierra Wireless’ 24/7/365 Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) and AirVantage management platform ensure you experience the best possible uptime while making it

Brave New World: Leveraging the Private Networking Opportunity

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White paper from Sierra Wireless In today’s connected economy, private wireless networks are increasingly playing a critical role in organizations’ mission and business-critical communications. As private wireless networks become more important, many organizations have begun using cellular technologies, like LTE and 5G, rather than other networking technologies, like Wi-Fi, for these networks. For example, in

Case Study: Smart Grid Solution Provider Connects High-Profile Deployments with AirPrime® Embedded Modules

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from Sierra Wireless Ambient is a leader in smart grid technologies and equipment. The Massachusetts-based company uses open standards-based technologies and ample industry experience to help utilities bring two-way communications and intelligence for modernizing the power grid.Business ChallengeEnergy suppliers worldwide are building smart grid infrastructures to optimize power distribution and create a more efficient grid.

Case Study: How Aquamonitrix® Uses Octave to Revolutionize Water Quality Monitoring

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Aquamonitrix® is a ground-breaking water quality analyzer designed to provide accurate, real-time information on nitrate and nitrite levels in fresh and effluent water. Aquamonitrix is being brought to market by Aquamonitrix Ltd – a spinout backed by the resources of its parent company T.E. Laboratories (TelLab), which has a 30-year track record in laboratory analysis,

Sierra Wireless Ready-to-Connect RC Series of Modules

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Simplify & Accelerate IoT Deployment RC Series modules simplify operations with a single management platform and point of accountability for device and network troubleshooting, anywhere in the world. A built-in smart SIM eliminates the need for managing and provisioning external SIMs, while providing the best coverage available in any given region. Customers can easily optimize

Sierra Wireless White Paper: How to Get IoT Connectivity Right

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Technological advances are creating a new wave of connected products that previously operated in isolation. This enables companies to control large numbers of products remotely, improving operational efficiency in the field. It allows them to constantly gather streaming information from sensors, creating opportunities for new services and reducing the cost of existing ones... DOWNLOAD

On-demand Webinar: Simplify & Scale Industrial IoT with Sierra Wireless Octave™ and Microsoft Azure IoT

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According to IoT Now, 75% of Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects fail at the pilot stage. The most persistent roadblock to IIoT success is “complexity”. Join Microsoft and Sierra Wireless experts as they explore the ground realities of IIoT implementations. Their unique perspectives, honed over years of experience in helping companies drive digital transformations, will offer

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