Maximize ROI by distributing processing from your cloud to the edge

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Sierra Wireless White Paper In recent years, the use of real-time analysis at the edge has become a mainstream feature of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). While more may be happening at the edge, the cloud is still an essential part of the picture, since it offers way so process, analyze, share, and

Where Does a Small Business Start with IoT?

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Are you Ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) Most small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are not prepared to take the plunge into IoT and are uncertain how IoT can help their businesses thrive. Unlike enterprise-sized businesses, SMBs are often resource restrained in terms of workforce or budget and lack specific subject matter expertise for complex IoT

Sierra Wireless eBook: How the IoT is Transforming Vending

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More than just Coffee, IoT is Enabling New Use Cases Advances in technology are transforming the vending market. Whereas once these machines had a relatively limited number of use cases, the combination of digital solutions, cellular internet connectivity and the IoT are opening up possibilities across a number of industries. Also, as consumers increasingly

How to Manage the 2G-3G-4G IoT Sunset

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Sierra Wireless White Paper Companies with cellular-based IoT devices are faced with a critical technology transition as major networks sunset their 2G, 3G and 4G networks in favor of 5G technologies. This transition will be especially challenging for end-to-end IoT solutions because the carrier technology is typically interlinked with several components including devices, device applications,

Infographic: Creating Smart Commercial Buildings With the IoT

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from Sierra Wireless Buildings are more than just places to work. They have become business assets for companies, who must manage them for maximum productivity while minimizing cost. They are also playing a major role in the health of the overall environment. Commercial buildings account for 18% of US energy consumption overall.Internet of Things (IoT)

Not Ready for 5G? See your path to get up to speed.

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Sierra Wireless White Paper 5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks designed to deliver higher throughput speeds, lower latency and increased connection density compared to 4G LTE. The improved performance of 5G will enable a higher degree of digital transformation for many industries and organizations. Additional 5G capabilities, like network slicing and edge computing,

Simplify IoT Deployments and Reduce Time to Market with Ready-to-Connect

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Sierra Wireless Infographic Tomorrow’s vehicles will be more than just transportation units, they will also be sensors, delivering critical data back to fleet managers who will use it to plan their operations. But to deliver this data in real-time, vehicles must connect remotely using IoT solutions like Sierra Wireless’ Ready-to-Connect. Download this infographic to learn

More Than a Data Rate: How 5G Will Transform Enterprise Connectivity

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Sierra Wireless Report by Juniper Research Are you ready for an Enterprise Connectivity revolution? 5G, it’s more than just a data rate. It is the trigger that will launch the IoT use cases of Enterprise dreams. In this exclusive analyst report, Juniper Research explores how 5G and IoT will unlock real business value in today’s

3GPP Enhancements Planned for 5G Release 17 Include RedCap, Coverage Improvements, Satellite Standards, and More

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Sierra Wireless blog With 3GPP’s first release of the 5G NR (New Radio) standard (i.e. release 15) being commercialized, along with 3GPP’s July 2020 competition of Release 16, IoT professionals and others in the wireless industry are now looking at what updates are in the works for the next release of the 5G cellular

Sierra Wireless eBook: Onboarding 5G Today

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Future Proofing Wireless Communications in Public Transportation Where does the 5G journey start? The short answer is now. This public transit-focused whitepaper provides a round-up of opportunities and challenges in the transition to 5G. Discover a unique aspect of 5G: the ability to coexist with previous technologies, leaving you the flexibility to build a

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