u-blox announces tri-radio module, supporting Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth low energy 5.2, and IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread and Zigbee)

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MAYA-W2 is among the first host-based modules to extend the benefits of highly efficient Wi-Fi 6 to industrial applications. u-blox has announced the u-blox MAYA-W2 tri-radio module. Supporting Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth® low energy (LE) 5.2, and IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread and Zigbee) on a compact form factor, the module brings Wi-Fi 6 technology to industrial and

Blog: u-blox SARA-N3 for periodic IoT sensing from a small battery

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Monitoring of a remote location is a typical IoT application, but target use cases are different. Very often, observed parameters are not expected to change quickly and are not critical per se, but business owners are asking for regular updates, e.g., once a day. Let’s take the example of a “forest sensor”, an IoT solution

Thread vs Bluetooth: Which is best for smart homes and buildings?

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u-blox blog: To be truly smart, smart building solutions need to leverage the strengths of the most adapted wireless technologies. There are a million reasons why smart home technology is on the rise. Imagine entering your home, walking through hall to your kitchen, opening the fridge, and pouring yourself a glass of milk. After being

u-blox Blog: Wireless communication takes electric vehicle charging infrastructure to the next level

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Topping up electric vehicle batteries needs to be simple, secure, and reliable, not only for drivers, but also for mobility operators and power utilities. As laid out in a recent webinar, wireless communication looks set to solve key parts of this challenge. Around the world, the electrification of road vehicles shows no signs of slowing

4G LTE vs 5G: Dealing with 2G and 3G network sunsets

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u-blox White Paper This white paper offers guidance on how to manage 2G and 3G network sunsets at the dawn of the 5G era, outlining migration paths for common application requirements. Download this u-blox white paper on "4G LTE vs 5G: Dealing with 2G and 3G network sunsets” to learn about: How 2G and

u-blox Blog: Can Wi-Fi 6 connect smart factory solutions?

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Wi-Fi 6, also known as IEEE 802.11ax, offers new features tailored to the needs of smart factory applications. Factory floors are tough operating environments for wireless communication technologies. It isn’t just their physical make-up, with concrete walls, spinning motors, and metal structures. As the density of wireless sensors and other connected devices increases, RF interference

u-blox: Certificate lifecycle control

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Device certificate management system Out-of-the-box on-boarding to IoT cloud platforms with total control of the device certificate lifecycleDevice onboarding to IoT cloud platforms, based on X.509 certificatesRemote deployment of device and root certificates into the device with zero touch provisioningRenewal of credentials in a fully automatic mode to ensure future-proof protectionDesigned and optimized to seamlessly

u-blox: IoT in healthcare

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The digital transformation of the healthcare system will lead to better, more affordable healthcare services. IoT adoption in healthcare is already delivering on its promise to improve the experience of patients and medical staff at every step of the patient journey, offering better outcomes at a lower cost. With demand for health services on the

u-blox Blog: 4 notable trends in IoT

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Here’s a look back at how our partners used our solutions in 2021, with valuable insights about the state of the IoT. Just a few years ago, satellite-based positioning, high precision tracking, and wireless connectivity to devices and to the cloud were, by and large, reserved for high value use cases. Fast forward to today,

u‑blox and charity: water partner to leverage the power of IoT to bring clean drinking water to the world’s most vulnerable

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Sensor devices across Africa and Asia create a new path for water sustainability. Founded in 2006, charity: water has been chasing one ambitious goal: ending the global water crisis. 785 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. And while the water crisis is huge, they are optimistic because they know how

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