Virtual Antenna™ changes everything for IoT device makers

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Ignion white paper No longer do device manufacturers need to be antenna experts or have lavish budgets to challenge in the booming IoT market. Ignion makes the lives of IoT device makers much, much easier. Its groundbreaking Virtual Antenna™ system slashes product development times from months to weeks — even for devices handling

Fibocom White Paper: How Does 5G Network Slicing Empower Vertical Industries

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The International Data Corporation (IDC) has forecasted that 5G will generate $12.3 trillion of global economic output in 2035. 5G provides the connection of multiple devices to communicate seamlessly and simultaneously, one of the main technologies behind which is network slicing. As more industries are looking to transform digitally, 5G network slicing is able to

Microshare White Paper: The Future of Commercial Facility Management

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What’s next for your facilities management team? In this white paper, Microshare explores the transformation of modern facilities management, once a tactical role now utterly transformed by the global pandemic. COVID-19 has vastly raised the profile of these professionals and created new constituencies who care deeply about what they do and the safety and efficiency

Discover the Benefits of Cellular LPWA Over Proprietary Protocols

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Sierra Wireless White Paper Low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology is a powerful IoT technology that has gained global acceptance. Sierra Wireless began talking about this concept in 2015 and launched our first module in 2017. It connects IoT devices that need long battery life and low maintenance, while offering fast data rates.Many companies will find LPWA’s

Brave New World: Leveraging the Private Networking Opportunity

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White paper from Sierra Wireless In today’s connected economy, private wireless networks are increasingly playing a critical role in organizations’ mission and business-critical communications. As private wireless networks become more important, many organizations have begun using cellular technologies, like LTE and 5G, rather than other networking technologies, like Wi-Fi, for these networks. For example, in

White Paper: Real-Time Location Tags for Enterprise Customers

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from Microshare Apple AirTags, Tile trackers (the original tag, now enhanced by Amazon), or the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ are the current crop of contenders promising consumers the dream of “finding anything anywhere”. Enterprises looking at using these solutions for tracking their own things or people need to evaluate how they work and their suitability

Fast and easy worldwide IoT development with reference designs and Virtual Antenna™ technology

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Ignion white paper The wide range of potential bands to cover at the IoT design stage is endless, and on top of that, the developer usually isn’t sure where exactly the new device will be used. The IoT industry uses reference designs for its rapid deployment and reference designs need a standard antenna technology

Sierra Wireless White Paper: How to Get IoT Connectivity Right

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Technological advances are creating a new wave of connected products that previously operated in isolation. This enables companies to control large numbers of products remotely, improving operational efficiency in the field. It allows them to constantly gather streaming information from sensors, creating opportunities for new services and reducing the cost of existing ones... DOWNLOAD

White Paper: Future-proofing EV charging solutions with wireless connectivity

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From u-blox The EV charging market is booming as a growing number of individuals and businesses are opting for electric vehicles (EVs) for their reduced environmental impact, low operation and maintenance costs, and, crucially, monetary and non-monetary subsidies.This white paper provides an overview of the wireless connectivity technologies that can be used to enable and

White Paper: Low-power GNSS for tracking applications

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Global availability and high accuracy have made global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology a key enabler for a growing number of consumer, industrial, and automotive tracking applications. In this white paper, we offer our insights into strategies to reduce the power consumption of GNSS-based tracking devices, gained over 20+ years driving innovation in this area.

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