Microshare Universal Contact Tracing

Designed for occupant safety and universal access. Microshare’s Universal Contact Tracing solution is based on wearables, closing the loopholes and privacy problems of the smartphone based approach

Universal Contact Tracing Highlights

Microshares Universal Contact Tracing

Microshare Universal Contact Tracing High Level Data Flow

Anonymous – All Data recorded and transmitted is device UID-based.*

Microshare Data Flow

Designed over many years to be inter-operative with standard interfaces and widely deployed commercial data dashboards, Universal Contact Tracing ensures end-to-end security, privacy and reliability for the delivery of critical information where it’s needed.

*UID is the Unique Identifier associated with a device and is the only information transmitted by the Microshare solution, no personal data is involved.

Employee Beacon Scans for Other Employee Beacon

Employee Beacon Scans for Location Beacon

Proximity Events Recorded

Data from LoRaWAN Gateway is transmitted

Data received from Microshare Network is Processed

Microshare: How Universal Contact Tracing Works


1 Videos

Animation: How Universal Contact Tracing Works

This Microshare animation demonstrates how our Universal Contact Tracing technology secures staff, tenants, customers or other occupants of a facility without the use of smartphone apps, which have numerous disadvantages. Microshare’s Universal Contact Tracing solution has been deployed in factories, office and residential buildings, assisted living and dormitories and other settings around the world where social distancing alone is simply not enough. Click on the video above to watch the animation.

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