IMS 2023 Highlights

Richardson RFPD is pleased to have the following solutions on display for the IMS 2023 Exhibition.

IMS 2023

The IMS 2023 Event, one of the biggest events dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, took place in San Diego, California June 11th-16th. This flagship event attracted a variety of professionals and enthusiasts from the field who came together to explore, learn, and exchange knowledge and insight.

The event covered a diverse range of topics, including the latest trends and developments in microwave theory and techniques, antenna design, wireless communications, power amplifiers, and more.

In addition to IMS, the IEEE MTT-S Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC) and the Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG) also took place during the week, providing even more opportunities to learn and network with researchers, scientists, and industry leaders.

2023 IMS Features

Richardson RFPD was pleased to have the following solutions on display for exhibition. The booth was divided into five sections including Live Demonstrations, Supplier Dedicated Product Displays, New and Featured Products, Design Accelerators, and RF Interconnect Solutions.

(Supplier Dedicated Displays)

View 50+ new solutions from leading manufacturers. Products on display include Data Converters, RF transceivers, Beamforming IC’s, Synthesizers, Switches and Attenuators, Amplifiers, Front End Modules and more.

Exhibit of new solutions curated from Richardson RFPD experts. Products include RF amplifiers, RF transistors, switches, oscillators, timing solutions, beamformer ICs, 802.11ad 60 GHz modules and more.

Our ecosystem accelerates product time-to-market and lowers risk by providing off-the-shelf prototype hardware, licensable reference designs, and technical support. Ask our team how we can help accelerate your project.

Richardson RFPD’s Interconnect Suppliers provide standard and custom solutions up to 110 GHz for commercial and military grade products. We support RF coaxial, optical, ethernet, and power applications.

RF & Microwave Support

Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

About our Team of Experts

Richardson RFPD has a team of over 50 technical resources available to provide design assistance on a variety of topics.  Although there are too many to name, we have highlighted specific topics that provide a representation of our support.