Driver, PA module & Rx module demo platform and reference design

Smart LDMOS: New addition to NXP RapidRF

RapidRF Front End Designs are ease-of-use solutions to help accelerate prototyping for massive MIMO systems, Open RAN, outdoor small cells, and low power remote radio heads.

These scalable designs offer NXP’s latest series of pre driver, 50 ohm Multi Chip PA Module and Rx solutions in a small form factor.

NXP Semiconductors RapidRF front-end designs integrate an RF power amplifier, Rx LNAs, a T/R switch, a circulator and a bias controller in a compact footprint. They incorporate a coupler for DPD feedback and are to be used with digital pre-distortion.

The RapidRF reference boards are ideal for 5G radio units requiring 2.5W to 5.0W (34dBm to 37dBm) average transmit power at the antenna. Versions for different bands use a common PCB layout, simplifying both design and manufacturing for faster time-to-market.

28 V LDMOS RF Front-End Designs

Part Number
Frequency Range
Average Output Power
3400-3600 MHz
39 dBm (8 W) at 8.5 dB OBO, at 29 V
3400-3600 MHz
38.5 dBm (7 W) at 9.0 dB OBO, at 26 V
2496-2690 MHz
39 dBm (8 W) at 8 dB OBO, at 27 V
3400-3600 MHz
34.8 dBm (3 W) at 8.4 dB OBO, at 24 V

5G Integrated Solutions for Sub-6 GHz mMIMO

RF Semiconductors from NXP

RapidRF Front-end Block Diagrams

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