GaN on SiC for Multi-Standard Cellular Power Amplifiers
From Wolfspeed

Wolfspeed GaN on SiC for Multi-standard Cellular Power Amplifiers

Wolfspeed offers an extensive portfolio of GaN on SiC power transistors for use in the design of cellular transmitters supporting all global standards and frequency bands. The lineup includes the WS1A3940-V1 (3700-3980 MHz, 39.5 dBm GaN on SiC Power Amplifier Module) and the WSGPA01-V1 (10 W, 5 GHz GaN on SiC General Purpose Power Amplifier).

With over 30 years of wide bandgap materials and product innovation, enabling industry-leading devices that power more and consume less, Wolfspeed is your complete RF system design partner.


3700-3980 MHz, 39.5 dBm GaN on SiC Power Amplifier Module

The WS1A3940 is an Asymmetric Doherty Power Amplifier Module (PAM) integrating Wolfspeed GaN on SiC HEMT transistors with advanced matching and biasing networks on a multilayer laminate substrate with advanced heat sinking technology. The PAM has been designed to operate from 3700 MHz to 3980 MHz, from supply voltages up to 50 V, at average output power levels of 8 to 10 W with crest-factor reduced and digitally pre-distorted LTE and 5G NR signals with instantaneous bandwidths of 200 MHz or more. It is housed in a 6 mm X 6 mm land grid array (LGA) package.


10 W, 5 GHz GaN on SiC General Purpose Power Amplifier

The WSGPA01 is the recommended PA driver for the WS1A3940 final stage. It is a GaN on SiC Discrete General Purpose Amplifier (GPA) designed for applications up to 5 GHz. The device operates from supply voltages up to 50 V and can achieve a P3dB of 10 W. It is housed in a 3 mm X 4 mm DFN package. While it is designed for communications infrastructure applications with crest factor reduced and digitally pre-distorted LTE or 5G NR signals, it may be suitable for other applications at frequencies up to 5 GHz, restricted only by its maximum operating conditions.

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