GaN RF Large Signal Models

Take advantage of Wolfspeed’s Large-Signal Model simulation tools.
Wolfspeed Large Signal Models

Wolfspeed Large Signal Models

Skip the wait and expense of ordering hardware for RF design testing. Take advantage of Wolfspeed’s Large-Signal Model simulation tools for immediate access to simulated environments for prompt testing of any GaN HEMT RF device.

Additional Resources

On the RF Portal, qualified registrants can download Wolfspeed’s large-signal simulation models, which can help in designing amplifier modules.

GaN HEMTs offer power amplifier designers many improvements over LDMOS, GaAs, and Silicon Carbide (SiC) technologies.

Avionics PA Design with Cree’s CGHV27030S Amplifier – 30W Power Amplifier Design Flow using GaN Large Signal Models in AWR.

Large Signal Models: Videos

This video series covers the basics of gaining portal access to characterizing models for power amplifier designs. View these videos for more information or scroll down for two webinars that offer a deeper dive.

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