Multilayer Organic (MLO®) Filters

Low-profile passive devices with best-in-class performance based on KYOCERA AVX’s patented multilayer organic high density interconnect technology

KYOCERA AVX’s MLO® filters utilize high dielectric constant and low loss materials to realize high Q passive printed elements, such as inductors and capacitors, in a multilayer stack. The filters can support both a variety of frequency bands and multiple wireless standards, and are less than 1.0mm in thickness. All filters are expansion-matched to most organic PCB materials, thereby resulting in improved reliability over standard silicon and ceramic devices.

Kyocera AVX Filters

Features & Benefits

  • Wide frequency range

  • Excellent isolation

  • Low loss

  • Expansion matched to PCB

  • 50Ω Impedance
  • Surface mountable

  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications

  • Mobile communication
  • GPS

  • Vehicle location systems

  • Wireless LANs

  • Satellite receivers

  • Instrumentation

Land Grid Array Advantages

  • Inherent low profile

  • Excellent solderability

  • Better heat dissipation

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