Wolfspeed CRD-22DD12N Reference Designs

Wolfspeed - CRD06600FF065NK

6.6 kW High Power Density, Bi-directional EV On-Board Charger Reference Design
Wolfspeed’s 650V C3M™ SiC MOSFETs

Wolfspeed’s 650V C3M™ SiC MOSFETs

Mfg Part No: CRD-06600FF065N-K

This reference design demonstrates the application of Wolfspeed’s 650V C3M™ SiC MOSFETs to create a high power density electric vehicle (EV) on-board charger (OBC). This design leverages the high frequency switching capabilities of Wolfspeed 650V C3M™ SiC MOSFETs to create a smaller, lighter and cost effective system. This reference design is offered as a comprehensive design package which can be used as a starting point for new SiC designs.

The design accomplishes:

  • Peak efficiencies of 96.5%
  • Power densities of 53W/in^3 or 3KW/L


  • Universal single phase input voltage between 90V and 265V
  • Output Voltage of 250V-450V DC
  • 18 A Output Current in charging mode
  • Front End AC/DC PFC using CCM Totem-Pole Bi-Directional Topology operating at 67 Khz
  • Bi-Directional DC/DC CLLC resonant converter operating at 148-300 KHz
  • Constant Current, Constant Voltage or Constant Power Mode
  • Unique integrated heatsink design removes heat from MOSFET’s, transformer and inductors
  • CAN Interface
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