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Technical Article

Design Considerations: 5G Small Cell Radios

The design of a 5G system, as outlined in this technical article, requires more than just optimizing individual components. It also involves balancing energy consumption across various system parts like the modem SoC and the RF front-end…

Product Insight

Discover How RadioCarbon Can Accelerate Your Next Radio Project

RadioCarbon is a versatile tool, whether you are a hardware engineer, software engineer, algorithm designer, or engineering manager.

Product Insight

Improve Your Time-to-Market with this Richardson RFPD Design Accelerator

RadioThorium is designed to interface directly with software-defined radios, such as those commonly implemented using Analog Devices’ Mixed-Signal Front-Ends…
RF & Microwave Featured Categories

RF & Microwave Featured Categories

Explore our featured RF & Microwave products to bring digital transformation to your business.

Adapters are often used for Test & Measurement applications, for production and in the lab.
Beamformers are multi-channel RFICs, with independent phase and amplitude control.
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies are used in any application connecting RF systems.
RF Coaxial Switches are electromechanical coaxial devices with multiple ports.
RF Coaxial Connectors include Board mount, Cable mount, Panel mount, and multi-Coax options.
RF Filters are critical devices that ensure signal integrity of transmitters and receivers.
Frequency Control products are critical for converting signals.
High speed converters are critical for transferring signals between the analog and digital domains.
Specialty RF circuits operate at extremely high frequencies and have unique capacitor requirements.
RF amplifiers are fundamental electronic components that convert low-power radio frequency signals to a higher power signal.
RF control products are fundamental electronic components that direct or modify radio frequency signals.
Couplers are four-port passive components that enable a defined amount of RF power in a transmission line to be coupled to another line.
RF diodes are fundamental electronic components that allow RF signals to pass in only one direction.
RF Power Transistors are discrete, single gain stage semiconductors that can be optimized to develop customized RF Amplifier circuits.
RF Transceivers are multi-function ICs that combine most or all RF component functions into a single-package device. They typically incorporate both Rx and Tx paths with all amplifiers, frequency conversion, switches, filters, and ADC/DACs included.

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