Energy & Power Featured Categories

Energy & Power Featured Categories

Explore our featured Energy Storage & Power Convesion products to bring digital transformation to your business.

Through our alliance partner network we can also support your custom power module and assembly requirements.
EMI filters are designed to protect circuits from these disturbances.
Gallium Nitride, a wide band gap semiconductor, is rapidly displacing Silicon as the material of choice for power transistors.
High speed gate drivers for Gallium Nitride, Silicon Carbide and IGBTs. Leverage our broad product offering.
Richardson RFPD offers electrolytic and film capacitors as well as a variety of other capacitors including AC & DC oil-filled capacitors, harmonic filter capacitors, snubber capacitors and mica capacitors.
Richardson RFPD’s offering includes scalable DC/DC power converters primarily serving the data processing industrial and transportation markets.
Full complement of resistor construction available from Richardson RFPD includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition.
Silicon carbide (SiC) offers significant advantages in high-power, high voltage applications where power density, higher performance and reliability.
Design support and off-the-shelf availability of supercapacitor cells and modules, lithium-ion capacitors/hybrid supercapacitors and custom energy storage solutions.
Richardson RFPD offers a wide range of thermal management products and services for applications utilizing natural air convection, forced-air and liquid cooling solutions.

Energy & Power Design Support

Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

About our Team of Experts

Our team of global applications engineers are available to answer your questions to ensure your power conversion or energy storage system design meets your performance expectations. If you’re transitioning from silicon to gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon carbide (SiC), we’ll help identify the right switching device to achieve the power density and increased efficiency your application requires.