HUBER+SUHNER Lead-Free SMA Connectors​

HUBER+SUHNER is proud to be one of the first companies in the electronic connectivity sector to launch a lead-free solution for its radio frequency (RF) SMA connectors.

Sierra Wireless’ EM/MC Series Deliver Best-in-Class Capabilities

5G and 4G modules delivering unprecedented bandwidth and network performance in a standards-based Mini Card and M.2 form factor.

Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ modules are a great choice for designers who want to increase efficiency and power density in a compact, industry-standard footprint.


NXP has introduced a family of 5G massive MIMO modules utilizing its innovative new top-side cooling package technology.

Discover TTM’s Xinger® Components

Designed for compact circuits in commercial wireless equipment, aerospace and defense, and test and measurement markets.

RF & Microwave

We support the broadest, most advanced RF, microwave, and mmW active, passive and interconnect products available today.

Energy Storage &
Power Conversion

Our team specializes in design support and component selection for power conversion and energy storage applications.


We offer IoT products and services from edge to cloud. Selecting, integrating, and deploying the right IoT technologies.

Latest Features

November 20, 2023
Wolfspeed has recently introduced two new additions to its lineup of GaN RF power devices that are ideal for ultra-broadband amplifier applications that require high reliability and efficiency.

Components for Test Equipment Application

November 15, 2023
Wolfspeed delivers a high-performance X-band portfolio with a variety of power levels to optimize system performance, as well as backend support tools to assist in system design and integration.

Radar Application

November 14, 2023
Type MLPS Flatpack, is a low-profile aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tested and rated for 10,000 hours at 105 °C.

Energy Storage and Power Conversion

November 7, 2023
Wakefield Thermal’s extruded heat sinks provide an extensive range of natural convection solutions for higher power components and systems.

Energy Storage and Power Conversion

October 25, 2023
HUBER+SUHNER is proud to be one of the first companies in the electronic connectivity sector to launch a lead-free solution for its radio frequency (RF) SMA connectors.

RF & Microwave

November 21, 2023
The IEC Market Strategy Board has published a new white paper that examines the important role of power semiconductors in global decarbonization efforts.
November 1, 2023
While Li-ion batteries have been widely used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs), supercapacitors offer unique benefits, including rapid charging, long lifespan, high power density, improved safety, and environmental sustainability.

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RF & Microwave

Upcoming Event/Webinar

This webinar will provide details on the vProtean SDR SOM and how it can reduce your development time.

RF & Microwave

Upcoming Event/Webinar

Introduction of 5G mmWave BTS and NTN land terminal platforms based on latest ADI RF chipsets.

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