HUBER+SUHNER Unveils SUCOFLEX® 526 & 540 Cable Assemblies

Delivering excellent return loss, low loss, and remarkable phase- and amplitude-stability

Everything you Need to Achieve Thin 5G mMIMO & Shrink 5G Radios

Enabled by NXP Technology & Richardson RFPD

New Wideband GaN High Power Amplifiers from MACOM

MACOM has recently introduced two new additions to its lineup of GaN RF power devices that are ideal for ultra-broadband amplifier applications that require high reliability and efficiency.

SDR Development as Easy as 1-2-3

With the BytePipe SDR Development Kit from NextGen RF Design

Macom – MASW-011152: DC-67GHz SPDT Absorptive Switch

DC-67GHz SPDT absorptive switch with 2.2 dB of insertion loss at 50 GHz.
RF & Microwave Solutions

RF & Microwave Solutions

Richardson RFPD supports the broadest, most advanced RF, microwave, and mmW active, passive and interconnect products available today. Our capabilities encompass multiple levels of integration, including discretes, RFICs, multifunction modules, fully-integrated transceivers and SoMs. Our solutions and support enable customers’ RF designs, from antenna to data converters—no matter the circuit, link budget or time-to-market constraints.

Latest Product Insights

April 11, 2024
Murata high-density silicon capacitors have been developed with a semiconductor MOS process and are using 3D structures to substantially increase the electrode surfaces…
March 25, 2024
The KYOCERA AVX UBR Series of surface mount ultra broadband resistors was designed utilizing their proprietary Glass Sandwich Flexiterm® Technology.
March 25, 2024
The KYOCERA AVX WBR Series of top contact, wire bondable resistors are ultra-stable with high reliability.
March 4, 2024
Offered in die and plastic QFN packaging, UMS GaN-on-SiC MMIC power amplifiers are available in a variety of power levels to support Ka-band SATCOM uplink and 5G FR2 bands…

Featured Development Kits

Development kits are a great way to evaluate the latest technologies and start a design. Richardson RFPD FAEs can help you set up a development environment with the latest tools and development kits.


Satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) compliant circuit and licensable reference design based on Guerrilla RF LNAs and Qualcomm SAW filters.


0.03-6 GHz RF Transceiver and FPGA System on Module (SoM) dev kit that includes SoM, carrier board, software, and technical support.


The Evaluation Kit couples vProtean with a Carrier board and software to allow a user to quickly evaluate vProtean’s capabilities and performance.


The module is designed to interface directly with software-defined radios, such as those commonly implemented using Analog Devices’ Mixed-Signal Front-Ends...

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5G Application

Architecture for 5G FR2 mmWave RF

This application note brings together available components from Richardson RFPD’s product line to provide a complete RF solution suitable for low-cost CPE units.


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RF & Microwave

Upcoming Event/Webinar

This webinar explores Microchip’s Complete RF Signal Chain Solution, which is revolutionizing SatCom, 5G, aerospace and defense with performance advances in GaN MMIC power amplifiers for advanced radar…

RF & Microwave


IMS 2024, one of the biggest events dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, is taking place in Washington, DC on June 16–21. Visit our booth #939 to experience the displays and exchange ideas with our team.

RF & Microwave

On-Demand Webinar

Introduction of 5G mmWave BTS and NTN land terminal platforms based on latest ADI RF chipsets.

RF & Microwave

On-Demand Webinar

This webinar will provide details on the vProtean SDR SOM and how it can reduce your development time.

RF & Microwave

On-Demand Webinar

This webinar explores performance advances in GaN MMIC power amplifiers applied to advanced radar technology, linear power SatCom uplinks, 5G and wideband power amplifier applications.

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Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

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Richardson RFPD has a team of over 50 technical resources available to provide design assistance on a variety of topics.  Although there are too many to name, we have highlighted specific topics that provide a representation of our support.