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Understanding, Analysis & Experimental Verification of GaN performance

May 30, 2024
This event is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in designing power electronics...

PCIM – 2024

June 11, 2024
-   June 13, 2024
PCIM Europe, leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, welcomes experts from industry and academia...

IMS – 2024

June 16, 2024
-   June 21, 2024
IMS 2024, one of the biggest events dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, is...

Revolutionizing SatCom, 5G, Aerospace and Defense with Microchip’s Complete RF Signal Chain Solution

Upcoming Event/Webinar
This webinar explores Microchip’s Complete RF Signal Chain Solution, which is revolutionizing SatCom, 5G, aerospace...

Designers Guide to Silicon Carbide

On-Demand Webinar
Join Wolfspeed experts as they explore the unique challenges and benefits that accompany silicon carbide...

Designing Modern Industrial Drives with Silicon Carbide

On-Demand Webinar
Improve low voltage motor drive efficiency by up to 2.6% while reducing overall size and...

Build more efficient heat pumps and air conditioning systems with Silicon Carbide

January 24, 2024
In this webinar, a silicon carbide expert will dig into why it is time to...

SiC Solutions for High-Voltage Applications

In a podcast featuring Microchip Technology’s Clayton Pillion, vice president, and Ehab Tarmoom, technical staff...


Introduction of 5G mmWave BTS and NTN land terminal platforms based on latest ADI RF...

Reduce Radio Development Time with a 30 MHz to 6 GHz, High Performance RF SoM

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will provide details on the vProtean SDR SOM and how it can reduce...

The Use of Silicon Carbide in Servo Motor Drives Applications

On-Demand Webinar
Topics covered include: discussion of motor driver and servo applications, policy changes and energy efficiency...

Modernizing Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives with Silicon Carbide

On-Demand Webinar
Join this webinar, where a Silicon Carbide expert will dig into why it is time...

GaN on SiC RF Solutions Enabling Megatrends – 5G, Satellite Communications, Aerospace and Defense

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar explores performance advances in GaN MMIC power amplifiers applied to advanced radar technology,...

DC-44 GHz Wireless Test System Design Accelerator Blocks

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will introduce modular DC-44 GHz signal generation blocks that can be used together...

Elevating Energy: How Silicon Carbide Transforms Solar and Energy Storage Systems

On-Demand Webinar
Join this webinar where Wolfspeed will demonstrate how Silicon Carbide outperforms, increases power density, and...

Unleashing Robotics: Exploring Innovation in Navigation and Connectivity to Achieve Autonomy

On-Demand Webinar
Join us to explore riveting real-world examples, unveiling how these innovations are reshaping industries and...

Accelerate Time to Market with Plug-and-Play mSiC™ Gate Drivers

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will cover the advantages, design and performance benefits of a Plug-and-Play Gate Driver....

使用 SiC 电子熔断器保护高压电气系统

On-Demand Webinar
Richardson RFPD (睿查森电子)诚挚邀请您参加我司和Microchip Technology Inc. 合办的「使用 SiC 电子熔断器保护高压电气系统」在线研讨会。...

5G 毫米波基站参考平台介绍

On-Demand Webinar
Richardson RFPD (睿查森电子)诚挚邀请您参加我司、Analog Devices和惠州硕贝德科技公司(Speed) 合办的「5G 毫米波基站参考平台介绍」在线研讨会。...

Gate Drive for Silicon Carbide – Getting the Best Performance out of SiC with Proper Gate Drive Solutions

On-Demand Webinar
Attendees will learn about benefits of Silicon Carbide devices in power systems, why we need...

Enabling the Future of Health and Wellness with 4G/5G Cellular IoT

On-Demand Webinar
In this webinar, hear from three industry leaders about the latest in healthcare IoT and...


On-Demand Webinar
Demand for a cleaner, greener world has brought about a boom in the SiC module...

Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Solutions from Wolfspeed SiC – (Korean Webinar)

Upcoming Event/Webinar
In this webinar, Wolfspeed will explore power conversion system topologies and circuit designs for high-end...

Build More Efficient Solar Inverters and Energy Storage Systems with SiC

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will explore the fast-growing lower power 5-15 kW single and three phase PV...
Microchip Aero Concept

High Linearity GaN on SiC, GaAs Products Providing 5G, Satellite Communication, Aerospace and Defense Solutions

On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will showcase MMICs, HEMTs, RF diodes, SAW solutions with best in class performance...

How to Optimize a GaN on SiC Based RF Amplifier

On-Demand Webinar
The webcast will take you through the process for optimizing a 50W balanced RF Amplifier...

Optimizing Drive Cycle Simulations For Automotive Applications

On-Demand Webinar
Wolfspeed automotive qualified products, like the EAB450M12XM3, are optimized for the traction inverter market. Discover...

How Cellular SiP Connectivity Solutions Enable Massive IoT Product Launches

On-Demand Webinar
Skyworks and Sequans will demonstrate how they have come together to develop a revolutionary SiP...

Front-end Solutions for Next-Gen IoT and Wi-Fi Systems

On-Demand Webinar
Learn about RF interference and coexistence issues and solutions. Identify power handling and band edge...

Benefits & Advantages of GaN in a Data Center PSU

On-Demand Webinar
Take advantage of GaN Systems’ Next Generation Power Stages in 3 key areas....