New: Astrodyne TDI - T100113314-LF

High Reliability for Critical Applications. Multiple control modes provide ultimate application flexibility.
Astrodyne TDI – T100113314-LF: Kodiak 6kW Liquid-Cooled Power Supply

Astrodyne TDI – T100113314-LF: Kodiak 6kW Liquid-Cooled Power Supply

Providing high-operating efficiency along with excellent reliability, compact size, and easy maintainability, Kodiak power supplies are the ideal solution for embedded DC systems in demanding semiconductor, industrial, and military applications. A fully adjustable, wide-range DC output is configurable via digital interface with real-time feedback.


This AC-DC liquid-cooled power supply will deliver up to 6kW from a 380-480VAC, three-phase power input.

Reduced System Complexity & Time to Market

Wide range of models with fully adjustable outputs. Multiple control modes provide ultimate application flexibility.


  • High Density 40W/in3
  • 3-Phase AC Input
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • DC Output:
    • Voltage: 0-60V
    • Current: 0A – 105A
    • Power: 0W – 6000W
  • High Efficiency: >94% power conversion efficiency
  • Liquid Cooled – Water, DI Water, WEG compatible
  • High Reliability: 100% HASS Tested
  • Parallel Compatible
  • Designed to NAVSO P-3641A
  • CAN Bus Communication
  • High Reliability for Critical Applications

    Astrodyne TDI’s comprehensive reliability assurance processes, including design to the rigorous requirements of NAVSO P3641A and IPC9592B HALT, DFMEA and our unique Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) on 100% of production units, assure the ultimate in unit reliability and performance.

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