Supercapacitor Module System from Eaton

Highly reliable and flexible energy storage solutions that provide fast responding very high peak power in a small footprint.
Supercapacitor Cabinets for UPS Systems

Supercapacitor Cabinets for UPS Systems

Eaton’s supercapacitor module systems are highly reliable and flexible energy storage solutions that provide fast responding very high peak power in a small footprint. These systems use the XLM-62 module as a core building block with 10 units wired in series to increase distribution voltages and can be integrated with large UPS systems.

Technical Specifications
2 String Cabinet
3 String Cabinet
Operating voltage range
600 Vdc – 300 Vdc
600 Vdc – 300 Vdc
Dimensions in inches (W x D x H)
23.2” x 31” x 88”
30.2” x 31” x 88”
Weight (kg)
Maximum Power
300 kW
300 kW
Useable energy within operating voltage
3298 kW-sec
4947 kW-sec
Maximum charge current
100 A
150 A
Temperature range
-40 °C to +65 °C
-40 °C to +65 °C

Benefits of  Eaton's Supercapacitor Modules

Millions of charge/discharge cycles, providing up to 20 year life at +30 °C.
Supercapacitors are virtually maintenance free and do not require complex battery management systems.

Simply add strings (10 modules per string) in parallel to meet load (kW) or backup time (sec) requirements.

By using organic materials, there are no additional hazards requiring additional containment and helps provide “worry free” operation.

Module strings can be charged at double the rate of Li-ion solutions to provide greater system availability of managing repeated power distruptions.

Supercapacitors can be operated from -40 °C to +65 °C with predictable effects on lifetime.


1 Videos
Eaton's Supercapacitors

Dan Carnovale explains how supercapacitors are changing the game for energy storage as we make a comparison with today’s traditional lead acid and lithium ion batteries for use in applications like data center UPS’s at Eaton’s PSEC.

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