LICAP Technologies - SM0058-016-P

16V, 58F Module for Wind Turbine Pitch Control, UPS Systems, Industrial Peak Load Shaving, AGV
LICAP Technologies SM0058-016-P

LICAP Technologies SM0058-016-P

The 16V, 58F ultracapacitor module contains 6 x 350F, 2.7V cells in series. The module housing is a durable plastic injection molded shell with mounting holes. The +/- terminal connections are on the same end. Voltage management is available, please review the data sheets for additional specifications and ordering options.

  • One Million Cycle Life
  • High Power Density
  • Compact Size, Lightweight
  • Wide Temperature Range -40 C to 65 C
  • Wind Turbine Pitch Control
  • UPS Systems
  • Industrial Peak Load Shaving
  • Small Engine Starting
  • AGV

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