PCIM Europe 2022

16V, 58F Module for Wind Turbine Pitch Control, UPS Systems, Industrial Peak Load Shaving, AGV
Supercapacitors – PCIM Europe 2022

Supercapacitors – PCIM Europe 2022

A few of the products featured in our stand are highlighted below. Even if you’re not attending PCIM, take advantage of our global team of GaN & SiC specialists to support your power electronics design.

Richardson RFPD

Comprehensive Supercapacitor Selection Guide from Richardson RFPD highlighting the supercapacitor products from Cornell Dubilier, Eaton, Kyocera-AVX, LICAP Technologies and Maxwell Technologies as well as information on how we can support your system solutions and custom module requirements.

Cornell Dubilier

VMF/VPF Hybrid Supercapacitors offer greater energy density, low self-discharge rate and ultra-fast charging for applications including solar/wind energy storage, energy harvesting, pulse power, UPS systems and smart electric meters.


18V, 61.7F supercapacitor module for emergency back-up, battery assist engine starting, soft shutdown for industrial robotics, automated guided vehicles and warehouse automation.


SCM series supercapacitors offer high pulse power capability, low ESR and low leakage current for hold up, energy harvesting and pulse power applications.

LICAP Technologies

16V, 500F supercapacitor module for wind turbine pitch control, engine starting, bridge power, peak load shaving and UPS systems.

Maxwell Technologies

160V, 6F supercapacitor module designed to provide energy storage for emergency pitch control and maximize the energy generation of a wind turbine.

Energy & Power Design Support

Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

About our Team of Experts

Our team of global applications engineers are available to answer your questions to ensure your power conversion or energy storage system design meets your performance expectations. If you’re transitioning from silicon to gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon carbide (SiC), we’ll help identify the right switching device to achieve the power density and increased efficiency your application requires.