Modernizing Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives with Silicon Carbide

Modernizing Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives with Silicon Carbide

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About Modernizing Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives with Silicon Carbide

Meet key industrial low voltage motor drive energy regulations with Silicon Carbide and enable up to 2.5% overall efficiency improvement while overcoming thermal limitations that plague traditional Silicon IGBTs.

Join this webinar, where a Silicon Carbide expert will dig into why it is time to modernize embedded and integrated motors to address climate change. The webinar will demonstrate how Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide devices achieve stringent efficiency targets while reducing overall system size, cost and audible noise.

Key Takeaways

  • Meet efficiency standards:

Meet IE3 and IE4 efficiency standards when you replace traditional IGBTs with drop-in Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide replacements

  • Overall reduction in system losses:

Up to 46% less losses when you design embedded industrial low voltage motor drives with Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide

  • Lower system costs and system size:

Reduce overall system costs by 20-40% with Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide while designing significantly smaller and lighter systems


Pranjal Srivastava, Strategic Market Development (Global), Wolfspeed

Pranjal is a strategic market developer at Wolfspeed since Feb 2023, responsible for the growth of our SiC devices in industrial motor drives. After SiC’s great success in the automotive sector, it is my team’s endeavor, as ‘Silicon Carbide Ambassadors’ to extend this success story to other power electronic markets with a keen focus on industrial space. Coming from an automotive hardware designing background, followed by working as an FAE specializing in passive components for WBG based power electronic systems, energy efficiency and energy density of the hardware has always been a key to unlocking the full potential of electrification for a sustainable tomorrow, and there is a limit upto which that can be achieved with contemporary hardware using silicon. WBG materials are causing a paradigm shift in these systems, hoping to substantiate this for industrial motor drives through my presentation.

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