GaN Evaluation Board 

December 19, 2022
GaN-based amplifiers and power supplies result in a high performance, low cost system without a fan, heat sink, or active cooling required.
November 18, 2022
This horizontal Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS3) evaluation platform can be used to evaluate the electrical and thermal performance benefits of GaNPX® bottom-side cooled E-modes in high power applications.
March 27, 2022
The GS-EVB-HB-0650603B-HD from GaN Systems is a 650 V GaN E-Mode half-bridge evaluation board featuring HEY1011-L12C gate drive solution with two 650V, 60A GaN E-mode transistors in a fully-functional configuration.
January 26, 2022
New Reference Design: GaN Systems 250W AC/DC Charger PFC and LLC
January 11, 2022
Evaluation Board In Stock: 300 W, 6.79 MHz Class EF2 PA for Wireless Power Applications
GaN Systems - GS-EVB-AUD-BUN2
January 11, 2022
High-Efficiency 200W Stereo Class-D Amplifier & LLC Switched Mode Power Supply
December 22, 2021
GaN 650V Universal Half-Bridge Isolated Driver Motherboard
September 17, 2021
This GS-EVB-FB-650V150A-SP1A is the external gate driver board for the 650V 150A Full-Bridge Module GS-EVM-FB-650V150A-S
July 12, 2021
New Evaluation Module: 650V 300A 3-Phase GaN Power Module
May 19, 2021
A high density, high efficiency GaN-based 3kW LLC Resonant Converter