Explore Precision Timing Solutions from u-blox

Accurate clock and frequency generation based on satellite positioning technology.
Precision Timing and Synchronization Solutions from u-blox

Precision Timing and Synchronization Solutions from u-blox

Precision timing and synchronization are critical factors in a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, data centers, industrial automation, and medical devices. Ensuring precise timing and synchronization enables these systems to function optimally, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors and failures.

u-blox is a leading provider in GNSS solutions that are tailored for every customer’s needs. u-blox offers position and time products for in-car navigation systems, time synchronization for cellular base stations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and for people and asset tracking. u-blox products set the benchmark for performance and cost-effectiveness, with innovative advancements in accuracy, anti-spoofing, power efficiency, small size, and low cost.

Precision Timing Solutions

ZED-F9T High Accuracy Timing Module

Multi-band GNSS Receiver with Nanosecond-level Timing Accuracy

RCB-F9T Timing Eval Board

Easy Access to ZED-F9T Multi-Band Timing Technology

Advantages to u-blox

No radio frequency or hardware qualification needed. Fully qualified, tested, and certified.

Global leader in positioning and wireless communication. In-house chip technology.

Advanced spoofing and jamming detection.

ZED-F9T Multi-Band GNSS Modules

ZED-F9T meets the most stringent 5G timing requirements, is ideal for global deployment due to GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception, and is unaffected by ionospheric errors. The modules provide differential timing mode for highly accurate local timing and built-in security for highest robustness against malicious attacks.

Multi-band access to all four global satellite constellations strengthens the receiver’s capability for delivering more reliable performance.

ZED-F9T includes advanced security features such as secure boot, secure interfaces, and T-RAIM to provide the highest level timing integrity.

Part Number
Product Variants
u-blox F9 high accuracy timing module with L1/L2/E5b bands
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u-blox F9 high accuracy timing module with L1/L5/E5a bands
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RCB-F9T  Timing Boards

The RCB-F9T boards allow for easy evaluation and quick prototyping with the ZED-F9T high accuracy timing modules.

The RCB-F9T timing board contains an SMB antenna connector and 5V power supply circuitry for active multi-band GNSS antennas. 8-pin, 2.0 mm pitch pin-header provides powering of the board, UART communications and two independently configurable time pulse signals.

The evaluation software, u-center, provides a powerful platform for evaluation of u-blox GNSS receivers. With u-center, the receiver can be easily configured, and data can be logged as well as visualized in real time.

Part Number
Product Variants
L1C/A, L2C, L1OF, L2OF, E1B/C, E5b, B1I, B2I
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L1C/A, L5, L1OF, E1B/C, E5a, B1I, B1C, B2a
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Precision Timing and Reference Frequency

Accurate clock and frequency generation based on satellite positioning technology.

Precision Timing and Reference Frequency

All u blox precision timing products benefit from the company’s extensive applications experience and advanced technologies including:
  • Fast satellite acquisition by u blox intelligent signal capture algorithms
  • Location independent clock synchronization, even when only one satellite is in view
  • Weak signal optimization, interference removal and multi path mitigation allowing a small, low-cost GPS antenna to be used indoors or within machinery
  • Flexible GNSS synchronized time pulse outputs at user defined frequencies aligned to GNSS time or UTC
Precision Timing Overview

u-blox A-GNSS services

Real-time online A-GNSS service with assured global availability.

u-blox GNSS Product Overview

AssistNow and all u-blox services are integrated with the Thingstream IoT service delivery platform. Thingstream is a cloud-based delivery platform and administration interface for enterprise IoT services. The Thingstream platform comprises IoT connectivity, security, enterprise-grade MQTT broker, visual programming, simple enterprise integration, and support for u‑blox global positioning hardware.
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