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Octave lets you securely extract, orchestrate, and act on data from your industrial assets to the cloud. The all-in-one edge-to-cloud solution for industrial asset monitoring:


Open Source IoT Hardware

Sierra Wireless Octave


IoT Gateway

Simplify Data Extraction

Get the Data You Need

Octave helps you turn data into actions with APIs for extracting the data you need from different types of industrial equipment. Octave also includes a variety of automation protocols to process, filter and transmit data from your equipment’s sensors and microprocessors to the cloud.

Simplify Connectivity

Ready to Connect devices give you the power you need for complex connectivity, with pre-provisioned SIM cards that connect these devices to cellular networks as soon as you power them on. They also include powerful edge device software that lets you rapidly scale from a prototype to a commercial deployment.

Access a Global Wireless Network

The Sierra Wireless Global Wireless Network provides connectivity from over 600 mobile network operators in more than 160 countries around the world.

Act On Your Data

Process Events from Edge to Cloud

Octave’s Action Runner allows you to easily create and update the rules, logic and other events in your Industrial IoT applications— enabling you to combine data from edge, cloud and third-party sources in a myriad of ways. You can also define data processing rules both in the cloud and at your resource-constrained edge devices—all using a familiar JavaScript framework.

Manage Devices and Assets

Octave provides you with a single user interface to monitor, control, update and maintain all your edge devices and assets — including management of the devices themselves and their SIM connectivity.

Integrate with the Cloud

Octave makes it fast and easy to connect your Industrial IoT data to systems of record deployed in practically any cloud service or application, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and many others.
Octave - Embedded Software from Sierra WIreless

Easily Orchestrate your Data from the  Edge to the Cloud

Organize Your Data

The observation engine in Octave acts as a flexible, fully configurable data center for managing and prioritizing asset data. It provides the intelligence to process, buffer, filter, correlate, store and forward events and other readings from edge devices so that you have exactly the data you need, exactly when you need it.

Control Your Data Streams

Once asset data has been correlated or forwarded, Octave assembles it into data streams – the organizing unit for managing data in the cloud. Octave gives you total control by allowing you to dynamically publish, subscribe, and control access to the data streams you need for industrial asset monitoring, IoT asset tracking and other use cases, ensuring they get to the right system at the right time.

Change Device Rules

Octave’s device blueprints function like configuration templates, allowing you to easily replicate properties and behaviors from one edge device, to many devices at once. Octave simplifies the capture of device history logs, reversion of devices back to their previous blueprints, and cloning of device attributes to other devices at a massive scale. Octave empowers you to configure, update, and manage all of your edge devices’ rules.

Built-in End-To-End  Security

Protect Your Data

Octave’s Data Vault makes securely transmitting your asset data as easy as depositing money in your bank account. The Industrial IoT solution automatically establishes a trusted relationship between edge devices and the cloud, using proven security measures to ensure that data is not lost or altered.

Transmit Data over an Encrypted, Highly Resilient Network

With a highly resilient core global connectivity network, coupled with encrypted and authenticated communications, Octave delivers you a network you can trust for secure and reliable transmission of your data.

Adapt Your Security

Octave treats security as a dynamic component to be managed, maintained and updated on an ongoing basis. We continuously upgrade edge firmware, rotate security keys, and constantly monitor the network for new threats.

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