Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of DOCSIS-Compliant Switch from pSemi

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability of DOCSIS-Compliant Switch from pSemi

SPDT RF switch delivers high linearity in the 5–1794 MHz band.


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June 7, 2022 – GENEVA, Ill.: Richardson RFPD, Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, announced today the availability and full design support capabilities for a new UltraCMOS® SPDT RF switch from pSemi Corporation.

The PE42726 is a HaRP™ technology-enhanced reflective SPDT RF switch designed for use in cable applications, including DOCSIS 3.0/1 cable modem, set-top box and residential gateway. It delivers high linearity, excellent harmonics performance and high surge immunity in the 5–1794 MHz band. It also features low insertion loss and high isolation performance, making the PE42726 ideal for DOCSIS 3.1 applications.

The PE42726 is manufactured on pSemi’s UltraCMOS® process, a patented variation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology on a sapphire substrate, offering the performance of GaAs with the economy and integration of conventional CMOS.

Additional key features of the PE42726 include:

  • Harmonics performance:
    • o 2fo of –121 dBc @ 17 MHz
    • o 3fo of –150 dBc @ 17 MHz
  • Best-in-class linearity across frequency band
  • Insertion loss: 0.3 dB @ 1218 MHz
  • Isolation: 39 dB @ 204 MHz
  • Packaging: 12-lead 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.75 mm QFN

To find more information, or to purchase this product today online, visit the PE42726 webpage.

The device is also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America) or find a local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn about additional products from pSemi, visit our pSemi storefront page.


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