KYOCERA AVX - 1004795-EC64601
Supports Broadband LTE, 4G/5G, LTE CAT-M, NB-IoT, Cellular LPWA

KYOCERA AVX Antenna Band Switching Solution on Small EVB

698-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz | Supports Broadband LTE, 4G/5G, LTE CAT-M, NB-IoT, Cellular LPWA

KYOCERA AVX Band Switching technology using standard products allows faster time-to-market. The Evaluation Board has a small size of 45.5 x 60 mm, which allows engineers test the antenna performance on a typical size of IoT devices, reducing the number of iterations and improving the accuracy.

The EVB uses the standard FR4 embedded LTE antenna 1004795 together with the chipset EC646 for band switching or aperture tuning…

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