Attenuator Series 0603

Kyocera AVX AT0603 Attenuators

Kyocera AVX AT0603 Attenuators

The AT0603 Series provides virtually flat loss over a broad frequency spectrum and is ideal where low noise, low inductance and low parasitic capacitance is required.

Thin film metallization provides stable characteristics over temperature and time, and balanced Pi design provides even current distribution and accurate attenuation characteristics from DC to 20 GHz. The attenuators are ideal for impedance matching, input padding and signal-level tuning. They are available in a standard EIA 0603 case size.

The AT0603 Series is designed to meet a wide range of RF and microwave large- and small-signal applications, including telecommunications, satellite communications, cellular base stations, microwave radio, ISM, RF and microwave power, military and aerospace, and test and measurement.

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