Airfast GaN RF Transistor from NXP

The A3G26D055N can be used across various markets.
NXP Versatile 55 W GaN on SiC HEMT

NXP Versatile 55 W GaN on SiC HEMT

The NXP A3G26D055N is a 100-2690 MHz, RF power discrete GaN transistor housed in a DFN 7 x 6.5 over-molded plastic package. Its unmatched output allows wide frequency range utilization.

This sub-6 GHz A3G26D055N device operates in the 2.6 GHz cellular band, at 39 dBm and at 8 W average power. It can be used for 5G massive MIMO radio units (64T64R) as well as for under 1 GHz cellular bands as a driver for macro radio units such as 4T4R antenna systems.

Versatile GaN Solution  for Various Markets

2.6 GHz Cellular Band 64t64R 5G mMIMO radio units (39 dBm/8 W average power)

<1 GHz Cellular Bands Driver for macro radio units (ex: 4T4R)

2.45 GHz ISM Band. RF Energy driver for cooking, industrial, heating/welding applications. RF Energy low power final-stage (25 W CW) for medical and industrial applications

100-2800 MHz wideband tactical communications. 25 W CW wideband low power final-stage or driver for MRF5014H/5018H

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