New Family of 5G GaN Discrete Massive MIMO Solutions from NXP

P helps expand 5G coverage with new family of RF Power transistors for Massive MIMO
RF Power Solutions from Microchip

RF Power Solutions from Microchip

Delivering High Performance While Enabling Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) Reduction.

Enable your 5G, Aerospace & Defense, Test & Measurement or Industrial RF applications with Microchip’s RF Power solutions. These include GaN HEMT and MMIC amplifiers and pallets, as well as GaAs MMIC amplifiers and modules…

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Power Transistors

Microchip’s RF power transistor product portfolio covers GaN on SiC HEMT devices characterized for pulsed power and continuous wave (CW) products from DC to 14 GHz.

Power Amplifiers (MMIC)

Microchip’s RF power amplifier product portfolio offers GaN on SiC and GaAs MMIC power amplifiers from DC to Ka Band.

Power Amplifier Modules

Microchip’s RF GaAs MMIC power amplifier modules are available in aluminum housings with connectorized input/outputs and offer wideband performance from 100 MHz to 65 GHz.

Power Amplifier Pallet

Microchip’s RF Amplifier Pallet is an optimized, single stage amplifier module built on Microchip GaN on SiC HEMT transistors. Pallet amplifiers feature 50 Ohm internal matching networks and biasing circuits for straightforward system integration.

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