Thick Film RF Attenuators, Resistors & Terminations

TTM is your one-stop-shop for Power RF Terminations and Attenuators
Thick Film RF Attenuators, Resistors & Terminations

Thick Film RF Attenuators, Resistors & Terminations

High Power and High-Frequency Stability

TTM’s commercial resistive products are designed with today’s higher-power, more compact equipment systems in mind. TTM leverages unique product design and manufacturing techniques to achieve advantages in high-volume applications.


As a leading supplier of termination and resistor products, TTM has designed its SMD terminations for use in various applications. These terminations feature high frequency and high stability in a small, compact design, and they are 100% standard-tested for quality and reliability.

TTM leverages unique product designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve pricing advantages in high volume applications. These products are ideal for commercial wireless bands with individual parts covering all popular bands from DC to 6 GHz.


TTM’s low-cost chip attenuators line is high-reliability-tested with an immersion tin finish for solder applications and features small and lightweight packaging and overall frequency response. These attenuators are manufactured using thick-film construction and are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

TTM’s SMD attenuators are compact and easy to mount. They are available in a 1 dB to 30 dB attenuation range and feature reduced inductance and stray electrical charge storage (capacitance), improved reliability, increased bandwidth, and reduced distortion.


Spanning RF power handling from 10 W through 800 W, TTM’s resistor products were designed to set a new standard in product size to power handling, while offering Xinger® reliability. The enhanced design performs at or above customers’ RF performance demands.

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A four-port device for equally splitting input signals with a 90 degree phase shift between output ports.

The 10, 20, and 30dB couplers are suitable for power and frequency detection application.

Provide impedance transformation and convert unbalanced impedance to balanced impedance and vice versa.

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