New 24.25–30.5 GHz RF front-end for telecom radio systems
CHC6054-QQA: New RF Front End with Transmit/Receive Paths & Transmit/Receive Switch 

CHC6054-QQA: New RF Front End with Transmit/Receive Paths & Transmit/Receive Switch 

United Monolithic Semiconductors’ CHC6054-QQA RFFE module contains a power amplifier, driver amplifier, low noise amplifier and switch, as well as biasing elements. It typically exhibits an Rx gain of 18 dB with a low noise figure of 3.2 dB and a Tx gain of 28 dB with +31 dBm saturated output power. It features high linearity with an ACPR of -36 dBc @ 23 dBm average Pout.

CHC6054-QQA - Technologies

This new RFFE is manufactured on 150nm Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (AlGaN/GaN on SiC) and 150nm Gallium Arsenide (GaAs). It is provided in a cost-effective plastic QFN 4×5 mm package.

Designed for telecom radio systems applications operating in the 24.25–30.5 GHz frequency range.


  • Frequency: 24.25–30.5 GHz
  • Noise figure: 3.2 dB
  • Tx gain: 28 dB
  • Rx gain: 18 dB
  • Tx output Psat: 31 dBm (@5 dB gain comp)
  • Rx input P1dB: -7 dBm
  • APCR: -36 dBc@23 dBm
  • Up to 1024 QAM with EVM <3.5% at CS 56 or 112 MHz
  • Applications

    Suitable for telecom radio systems including 5G MIMO in Fixed Wireless Access and Mobile applications.

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