RF Control Products

RF control products are fundamental electronic components that direct or modify radio frequency signals. For example, RF switches direct the RF signal to one of several possible paths while RF attenuators reduce the signal strength for purposes such as feedback control. Richardson RFPD has a broad offering of RF control products from leading manufacturers.


This QFN-packaged, wideband digital attenuator integrates 4 bits with a LSB of 1 dB and provides a dynamic range of 15 dB from DC to 31 GHz.

  • “Insertion loss: 4 dB @ 20 GHz
  • Insertion loss: 8 dB @ 31 GHz
  • RMS attenuation error: 0.5 dB
  • Return losses: 12 dB”


This 50 Ω SPDT RF protection switch is designed for high-power, high-performance wireless infrastructure applications and supports frequencies up to 6 GHz.

  • HaRP™ technology-enhanced
  • Input IP3: 70 dBm
  • Input IP2: 105 dBm
  • Peak power handling: 51 dBm LTE

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