Advantages of LICAP’s activated dry electrode process

LICAP’s patented Activated Dry Electrode™ method is the key technology that differentiates LICAP from the competitors. LICAP pre-activates its electrode formulations, reduces the share of inactive materials (binders), and removes toxic solvents from its manufacturing process. Activated Dry Electrode™ method is chemistry and application agnostic. As a result, LICAP can manufacture electrodes for Ultracapacitors, Lithium-ion Capacitors, and Lithium-ion batteries. Ultracapacitors with LICAP’s proprietary Activated Dry Electrode™ offer some of the highest capacitance and durability available on the market. Lithium-ion batteries with LICAP’s proprietary Activated Dry Electrode™ enable higher energy density, lower costs, and are more sustainable compared with traditional wet (slurry) manufacturing processes.

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SC0370-300-RSS from LICAP

In Stock: 3.0V/370F Supercapacitor Cell in Proprietary Cylindrical Can Design & Activated Dry Cell Electrode Technology.


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