IoT White Papers

IoT White Papers 

November 9, 2022
This paper will focus on sensor and connectivity technologies, which need to be identified before choosing a suitable architecture for a predictive maintenance system.
June 26, 2022
Download this u-blox white paper to learn about digital device certificates and why they are essential enables of a secure IoT.
June 20, 2022
Read the latest Fibocom white paper, to learn more about how manufacturers are empowered to develop innovative, synchronized solutions and rise to the challenge of Industry 4.0.
May 31, 2022
Download the Fibocom white paper now, to learn about how private cellular networks power advanced use cases and applications.
May 10, 2022
How the edge and the cloud play complementary roles, and why you should integrate both in your IIoT deployment.
April 11, 2022
Download Fibocom’s latest white paper to explore how 5G is empowering mission-critical communication for first responders.
April 5, 2022
Companies with cellular-based IoT devices are faced with a critical technology transition as major networks sunset their 2G, 3G and 4G networks in favor of 5G technologies.
March 15, 2022
This white paper offers guidance on how to manage 2G and 3G network sunsets at the dawn of the 5G era, outlining migration paths for common application requirements.
March 15, 2022
Download the latest Fibocom white paper, to learn about how 5G and AIoT can empower the future of smart connectivity.
February 22, 2022
5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks designed to deliver higher throughput speeds, lower latency and increased connection density compared to 4G LTE.