Reducing Size, Noise, and Field Failures of Transportation APUs

Reducing Size, Noise, and Field Failures of Transportation APUs

February 21, 2021

Gate Drivers, Silicon Carbide

Designers are finally able to extract disruptive system-level benefits of SiC technology to shrink the size, noise, and field failures of auxiliary power units (APUs) in transportation vehicles.

As vehicle electrification proliferates the consumer EV segment other forms of transportation are also chasing the global macrotrend, including railway, aircraft, delivery trucks, off-highway vehicles, and more. Common across all forms of electrified vehicles are two electrification systems: the traction power unit (TPU), which provides vehicle propulsion; and the auxiliary power unit (APU), which supplies power for all other on-board loads, from lighting and doors to air conditioning and power outlets.

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