NXP Semiconductors - FRDMGD31RPEVM

In Stock: Half-Bridge Gate Drive Evaluation Kit for Hitachi Energy’s RoadPak IGBT/SiC Modules



NXP’s FRDMGD31RPEVM is a half-bridge evaluation kit populated with two GD3160 single channel IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate drive devices. The kit includes the Freedom KL25Z microcontroller hardware for interfacing a PC installed with Flex GUI software for communication to the SPI registers on the MC33GD3160 gate drive devices in either daisy chain or standalone configuration.

The GD3160 translator board is used to translate 3.3 V signals to 5.0 V signals between the MCU and MC33GD3160 gate drivers.

FRDMGD31RPEVM originally populated with GD3100, has been updated with GD3160 gate drive devices.


  • Compatible with RoadPak SiC MOSFET module
  • Flex GUI available for use with kit
  • Daisy chain SPI interface configurability
  • Easy to configure jumper options
  • SPI configurable register options using Flex GUI
  • Double pulse and short circuit evaluations
  • Fiber optic connections for external PWM inputs
  • Designed to connect to a single phase of a RoadPak SiC MOSFET module for half-bridge evaluations and applications development
  • Kit contents include:

  • Assembled and tested FRDMGD31RPEVM board in an anti-static bag
  • 3.3 V to 5.0 V translator board (KITGD316xTREVB) connected to FRDM-KL25Z
  • USB cable, type A male/type mini B male, 3 ft
  • Quick start guide
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