AC/DC Topologies: SpeedFit Examples

AC/DC Topologies: SpeedFit Examples

August 29, 2022

Wolfspeed SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator™ is a fast and useful simulation tool that helps the user in designing optimally for their application by quickly comparing different system specifications, topologies, devices and even thermal parameters. It is a user-friendly tool that can be used to estimate the losses, thermal behavior and efficiency of a system and observe important voltage and current waveforms.

SpeedFit 2.0 allows the user to simulate six different single-phase topologies for AC/DC applications. These topologies are active, single-phase boost mode circuits, used for Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications. Designs for PFCs are driven based on low cost and high efficiency. Standards such as 80 PLUS® for efficiency requirements of power supplies and IEEE 519 for harmonic content of power supplies keep getting more stringent. To be compliant with today’s efficiency standards, it is required for power supplies to have a highly efficient PFC stage. SpeedFit Simulator provides the capability to evaluate designs using SiC devices for high frequency operation, and configurable Si or SiC diodes for low frequency operation to assist the user in designing their PFC.

This article focuses on highlighting how SpeedFit can help in comparing different topologies and assist in designing the most efficient converter using AC/DC applications as example. As an illustration, we compared three different topologies assuming a set of system specifications. These specifications are chosen based on Wolfspeed 3.6 kW Totem-Pole Converter Reference Design. The performance of these topologies for the chosen specifications are presented and compared. These topologies are: Classical Boost Converter, Totem-Pole Converter – LF Diodes, Totem-Pole Converter – LF MOSFETs.

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