Wolfspeed Powers Telcodium’s Lightest 5kW Portable Power Station

Wolfspeed Powers Telcodium’s Lightest 5kW Portable Power Station

July 20, 2021

Silicon Carbide

What comes to mind when you think of a ‘Portable Power Station’? A bulky and heavy machine that is loud, yet underpowered. A machine that frustrates customers.

Customers have had to use internal combustion engine (ICE) generators that are typically loud, large and heavy, and cannot be used indoor. Contrast this with electric systems that are typically smaller and lighter, addressing the portability issue, and also meet power requirements. This is where Telcodium started their journey to enable an all-electric lightweight solution that meets all of the customer requirements.

Telcodium, a designer and manufacturer of efficient power systems is an expert in this field. The company utilizes new hardware technology, wide bandgap semiconductors, and software-based control to focus on smaller, cooler, and smarter power products.


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