Diodes, Transistors and Thyristors

While Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide are trending technologies that Richardson RFPD fully supports, we also recognize the ongoing needs of customers for silicon IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), HVIGBTs, rectifiers and thyristors. Through our alliance partner network we can also support your custom power module and assembly requirements. Choose products from industry leaders Electronic Devices (EDI), Hitachi Energy, Microchip, Mitsubishi (Americas only), Powerex, Semikron, Vincotech and Wayon.

We stock and support the following Diodes, Transistors and Thyristors

Hitachi Energy

The new 1200 V LoPak modules carry the same DNA for high reliability and robustness as the entire family of Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ high-power semiconductors.

  • Special treated Cu-baseplate, controlled bow and reduced airgap to heat sink
  • Spacers for substrate solder, homogeneous solder thickness and less delamination
  • Press-fit auxiliary connections press-fit auxiliary pins allow a solder-free connection to the gate-driver PCB

Featured Manufacturers  Diodes, Transistors and Thyristors

Energy & Power Design Support

Allow us an opportunity to assess your project and help bring your vision to market faster.

About our Team of Experts

Our team of global applications engineers are available to answer your questions to ensure your power conversion or energy storage system design meets your performance expectations. If you’re transitioning from silicon to gallium nitride (GaN) or silicon carbide (SiC), we’ll help identify the right switching device to achieve the power density and increased efficiency your application requires.