Gallium Nitride (GaN)

Gallium Nitride, a wide band gap semiconductor, is rapidly displacing Silicon as the material of choice for power transistors. With their superior material properties and simplicity of use, Gan Systems’ GaN E-HEMTs allow designers to set new standards for efficiency, power density, size and weight.


The INN100W14 has been manufactured using the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes, resulting in a device that is both highly efficient and highly reliable.

  • GaN-on-Silicon E-mode HEMT technology
  • Dual Channels, Common Source
  • Ultra High Switching Frequency
  • Fast and Controllable Fall and Rise Time
  • Ultra-low on Resistance


650V GaN-on-Silicon Enhancement-mode Power Transistor in Dual Flat No-lead package (DFN) with 8 mm × 8 mm size.

  • Enhancement mode transistor-Normally off power switch
  • Ultra high switching frequency
  • No reverse-recovery charge
  • Low gate charge, low output charge

GaN-based amplifiers and power supplies result in a high performance, low cost system without a fan, heat sink, or active cooling required. GaN audio benefits include 10X better THD+N, 20dB better Noise Floor and 5X better Frequency Response – which results in superior audio quality in new form factors.

GaN Systems

This reference design includes a high-efficiency 200W stereo Class-D 2-channel 200W per channel amplifier and LLC switched mode power supply with PFC.

  • Shrinks size
  • Increases Class-D audio capabilities
  • Fast switching, low Coss
  • Optimized: high-performance, low-cost

GaN Systems

This 650 V universal motherboard is a half-bridge configuration, plug-and-play board with two isolated gate drive circuits with 200V/ns CMTI.

  • Minimized parasitic inductance
  • Automotive & Industrial applications
  • Server/Datacenter power supply
  • Residential energy storage systems

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Resources

January 18, 2022
Download this ebook to learn how GaN is leading an industry-changing shift between technology’s power systems and energy, creating significant product and system-wide changes worldwide.

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