Gate Drivers

High speed gate drivers for Gallium Nitride, Silicon Carbide and IGBTs. Leverage our broad product offering which includes isolated gate driver ICs from Analog Devices and NXP; digital gate driver cores, module adapter boards and plug-and-play solutions from Microchip; and gate driver modules from Wolfspeed, Powerex and Tamura. Reference our selection of gate driver evaluation boards from Analog Devices and others to help identify the solution that best fits your requirement.


The new (released December 2023) R24C2T25 is a compact 2W isolated DC/DC converter featuring programmable asymmetrical output voltages, ensuring precise control and performance optimization for power electronics applications using either IGBTs or Si or SiC MOSFETs.

Analog Devices

This evaluation board supports the ADuM4221-1 half-bridge, dual-channel gate driver with 150kV/usec CMTI, adjustable dead time, and single PWM input.

  • Various UVLO options
  • iCoupler® technology
  • Independent high-/low-side output
  • Configurable drive conditions

Analog Devices

This evaluation board is for the ADuM4120 and ADuM4120-1 isolated precision gate drivers with 2 A output – ideal for fast-switching technologies.

  • Output power device resistance: <2 Ω
  • Low propagation delay: <51 ns
  • Operating temp: −40°C to +125°C
  • Output voltage range to 35 V


The Augmented Switching™ Accelerated Dev Kits include hardware and software elements to rapidly optimize performance of SiC modules and systems.

  • 3× – 2ASC Series Cores
  • 1× – Module Adapter Board
  • 1× – ASBK-014 Device Programmer Kit
  • 1× – ICT Software


This 1200 V dual-channel augmented high-performance SiC Core 2 AgileSwitch® enables better control and protection of SiC MOSFET-based power systems.

  • Provides up to 10 A of peak current
  • Includes an isolated DC/DC converter
  • Low capacitance isolation barrier
  • Configurable gate driver parameters

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