Power Capacitors

The DC link section of a power conversion circuit provides a DC voltage between the input and output sections of a converter. All types of power conversion require this DC link stage, which “links” the input to the output. The DC Link provides stored energy to the Converter/Inverter section and can also provide filtering of switching transients generated from the converter/inverter.

Power Electrolytic and Film Capacitors are used in this DC link section. Film capacitors have higher voltage ratings (>600VDC) and ripple current capabilities, but lower bulk capacitance. Electrolytic capacitors have more bulk capacitance, but lower voltage (<550VDC) and ripple current. Each type has benefits and drawbacks and the specific type used is usually determined by which characteristics are best for a particular design.

Richardson RFPD offers electrolytic and film capacitors from Cornell Dubilier, Kemet, Kendeil and United Chemi-Con as well as a variety of other capacitors including AC & DC oil-filled capacitors, harmonic filter capacitors, snubber capacitors and mica capacitors.

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