MLPS/MLPSR - Cornell Dubilier

MLPS Flatpack series allows designers to create higher-performance end products optimized for 105°C.
MLPS Flatpack Series from Cornell Dubilier

MLPS Flatpack Series from Cornell Dubilier

Type MLPS Flatpack is a low-profile aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tested and rated for 10,000 hours at 105 °C.

Type MLPS offers high capacitance density in a flat configuration, with voltage ratings up to 450 Vdc and a temperature range from -55 °C to 105 °C.

The rugged construction provides extraordinary life and reliability for the most robust commercial and military-grade power supplies.

MLPS/MLPSR - Cornell Dubilier

The MLPS Flatpack Series allows designers to create higher-performance end-products optimized for 105°C


  • Military-grade flat electrolytics, now optimized for 105 °C applications
  • Life tested to 10,000 hours @ 105 °C, Rated Vdc
  • High vibration resistance up to 20 g (HV Option)
  • High-reliability burn-in available (48 hrs @ Vr, 105 °C)
  • Welded seal resists “dry-out,” typical of conventional electrolytics
  • Terminals: Lead-free version available
    • MLPS: Copper wire with 60/40 tin/lead electroplate, 20 amps max
    • MLPSR: Copper wire with brite tin electroplate, 20 amps max


  • Power supplies for commercial and military aircraft
  • Shipboard and ground-based radar systems
  • Specifications

    Capacitance Range
    120 μF to 51,000 μF
    Capacitance Tolerance
    Voltage Range
    7.5 Vdc to 450 Vdc
    Operating Temperature
    -55 ºC to 105 ºC
    Endurance Life Test
    10,000 hours 105 °C at rated ripple load Δ capacitance ±15% ESR < 2X Catalog Limit DCL ≤ 0.004 CV μA

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