Rethinking IoT Device Development with Virtual Antenna Technology

Rethinking IoT Device Development with Virtual Antenna Technology

Antenna vendors are increasingly building out their OTS product lines to help the long tail of device OEMs get to market faster and for less development cost. Increasingly, device OEMs serving the IoT market are seeking to use flexible and miniature antenna components within their products. These demands are in response to an increasingly complex and competitive IoT market, driven by more radio complexity and band coverage, faster product SKU refresh cycles, and higher performance in battery-operated devices.

The Virtual Antenna™ technology addresses several of these challenges: it can simplify and enhance the capabilities of on-PCB antenna design; help drive OEMs toward greater awareness of system-level design; and simplify the antenna selection process for designers and business leaders. While product breadth in the IoT antenna market will remain, Virtual Antenna™ technology has the potential to transform the IoT device market through its single design providing both technology and business advantages.

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