Microchip - ATSAMR34J18

Low Power Meets Long Range with LoRa® Technology
Microchip ATSAMR34J18 Industry’s Lowest Power LoRa® SiP Device

Microchip ATSAMR34J18 Industry’s Lowest Power LoRa® SiP Device

The ATSAMR34J18 is an ultra-low power microcontroller combined with a UHF transceiver communication interface. It uses the 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor and offers 256KB of Flash and 40KB of SRAM (8KB battery backed) in a compact 6 x 6 mm BGA package. With ultra-low power sleep currents as low as 790nA, the ATSAMR34J18 devices are ideal for battery powered remote sensor applications.

The highly configurable peripherals include up to 5 SERCOMs (configurable as I2C/SPI /UART/LIN interfaces) with one in the low power domain, 8 12-bit ADC channels, 2 analog comparators and custom configurable logic modules. The transceiver supports LoRa, FSK, MSK and GSK modulation and delivers up to 20 dBm TX power with an RX sensitivity down to -148 dBm.

  • 32-bit Arm® Cortex M0+ MCU and LoRa Transceiver
  • Small form factor: 6×6 mm compact BGA package 256KB Flash and 40 KB RAM accomodates application code and stack
  • Most cost and size effective solution, eliminating need for external MCU

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