Analog Devices Instrument & Measurement

Transition from 4G to 5G Solutions.
Analog Devices Instrument & Measurement

Analog Devices Instrument & Measurement

The transition of test and measurement capabilities from 4G to 5G is not a simple step up: it is an evolutionary leap beyond the performance of current equipment. Wider frequency spectrum and millimeter wave bandwidths are just some of the challenges. And before they can be met, they have to be measured and tested.
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ADI - ADL5920 - Detector

Detector / Controller

The ADL5920 is a 9 kHz to 7 GHz ultrawideband, bidirectional RMS and VSWR detector that simultaneously measures forward and reverse rms power levels in a signal path, along with the return loss.

MEMS Switch

The ADGM1004 is a wideband, single-pole, DC to 13 GHz, 2.5 kV HBM, SP4T MEMS Switch – 95% smaller and 30x faster than conventional relays. Ideal solution for a wide range of RF and precision equipment switching needs.

MEMS Switch

The ADGM1304 is a wideband, single-pole, four-throw SP4T MEMS Switch This technology enables a small form factor, wide RF bandwidth, highly linear, low insertion loss switch that is operational from 0 Hz/dc to 14 GHz.

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