SUCOFLEX® 526 & 540 for Test & Measurement Applications

Delivering excellent return loss, low loss, and remarkable phase- and amplitude-stability
HUBER+SUHNER Unveils SUCOFLEX® 526 & 540 Cable Assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER Unveils SUCOFLEX® 526 & 540 Cable Assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER recently introduced the all-new SUCOFLEX® 526 E/EA and 540 E/EA/S microwave cable assemblies for test and measurement applications. These are the newest additions to HUBER+SUHNER’s popular SUCOFLEX® 500 series, available for frequencies up to 70 GHz. 

SUCOFLEX® 526 & 540 

The SUCOFLEX® 526 E/EA and 540 E/EA/S deliver excellent return loss, low loss and remarkable phase and amplitude stability. They have been extensively tested to ensure repeatable measurements and maintain electrical performance over time and in critical laboratory test conditions. 

The 526 E/EA and 540 E/EA/S cable assemblies enable precise, long-lasting interconnectivity solutions. With an excellent price-performance ratio and adaptability to specific customer needs, they deliver extremely accurate measurements—even under the most severe operating conditions. 

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  • Applicable up to 26.5 GHz
  •  High phase- and amplitude-stability with flexure and movement​
  •  Excellent insertion loss and return loss​
  •  Precise and repeatable measurements​
  •  Long lifetime–lower measurement cost
  • SUCOFLEX® 540 E/EA/S

  • Frequency range up to 40 GHz
  • New SK and PC2.4 connectors with excellent performance
  • Long lifetime (>100,000 flex cycles)
  • Excellent insertion loss
  • Outstanding phase- and amplitude-stability with flexure and movement

    HUBER+SUHNER’s SUCOFLEX® 500 series of assemblies are available in tailored lengths, with immediate availability for stock assemblies, and quick manufacturing turnaround on customized configurations worldwide. 

    When it comes to test and measurement, SUCOFLEX® 500 assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.

    Providing constant electrical performance up to 70 GHz, the SUCOFLEX 570 cable assembly guarantees extremely precise measurements for a range of applications.

    Cable Assembly Family Extends Laboratory-Grade Measurements to 70 GHz

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    Our increasingly high-tech world relies on the capabilities of new generations of infrastructure, as society adopts 5G, autonomous cars, the IoT and Industry 4.0. To ensure these complex systems work as designed, the underlying components—antennas, semiconductor chipsets, passive components and high speed interfaces—require rigorous testing.
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