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Integrated Dual RF Transceiver

30 MHz TO 6000 MHz Frequency Range Dual-Channel Transmitters & Dual-Channel Receivers
Integrated Dual RF Transceiver – ADRV9002

Integrated Dual RF Transceiver – ADRV9002

The ADRV9002 is a highly integrated, RF transceiver offering dual channel transmitters and dual channel receivers, integrated synthesizers, and digital signal processing functions.

The IC delivers a versatile combination of high performance and low power consumption required by battery powered radio equipment and can operate in both FDD and TDD modes

ADRV9002  Integrated Dual RF Transceiver


  • The ADRV9002 operates from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz covering the VHF, licensed and unlicensed cellular bands, and ISM bands.
  • It is capable of supporting narrowband and wideband standards up to 40 MHz bandwidth on both receive and transmit channels.
  • It is suitable for numerous applications including defense, IoT and land mobile radio.

  • Introduction to ADRV9002

    The ADRV9002 RF transceiver provides high dynamic range and best-in-class blocker tolerance for narrow and wideband signals. It is a high performance, highly versatile part with low power consumption and operates in either TDD or FDD modes.

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