MACOM - MASW-011102

MACOM DC-30 GHz Non-Reflective Switch
MACOM DC-30 GHz SPDT Non-Reflective Switch

MACOM DC-30 GHz SPDT Non-Reflective Switch

MACOM’s MASW-011102 provides <1.8 dB insertion loss and >40 dB isolation and is offered in a lead-free 3 mm 14-lead PQFN surface mount plastic package. The combination of broadband performance, fast switching and excellent settling time makes this device ideal for many applications, including test & measurement, EW and broadband communication systems.

  • Low Insertion Loss: 1.8 dB @ 30 GHz
  • High Isolation: 40 dB @ 30 GHz
  • Fast Switching Speed
  • Non-Reflective Configuration
  • Ultra Low DC Power Consumption
  • Lead-Free 3 mm 14-Lead PQFN Package

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