Microchip - ICP2840-1-110I

27.5-31 GHz, 9 W GaN PA MMIC for 5G, Radar and SatCom
Microchip – ICP2840-1-110I

Microchip – ICP2840-1-110I

The ICP2840-1-110I is a Ka Band MMIC power amplifier fabricated using 0.15µm GaN SiC technology. It achieves 39 dBm saturated output power from 27.5-31GHz, with 22% PAE and 22dB small signal gain. The balanced topology provides excellent broadband input and output match to 50O and DC blocking capacitors ensure simple integration. Excellent linearity characteristics make the ICP2840 well suited to applications in Satellite Communications. The die are 100% DC and RF tested on wafer ensuring compliance to the electrical specifications.
  • Frequency range: 27.5-31 GHz
  • Pout: 39.5 dBm (PIN = 24 dBm)
  • PAE: 22% (PIN = 24 dBm)
  • Small Signal Gain: 22dB (28 GHz)
  • Drain Bias 24 V, IDQ=112-224 mA

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